WHY work with us?

LG4 is a young, high-growth company offering consultation and implementation services for IT Cloud solutions. This includes accounting software, ERP, and BI tools. Innovative and dynamic, LG4 offers a stimulating environment, where we meet challenges with creativity. The facilities are in a modern environment, featuring an open physical design to encourage cooperation – all this is in a part of town increasingly sought out for its ambiance and restaurants.

In our company, each employee is of paramount importance and is part of our decision process.


 Our company’s VALUES

Always concerned with offering exceptional service, LG4 is increasing the number of our certifications of excellence, which assures SMEs a very high level service. Having established ourselves as one of the largest partners in Canada of a large number of one of the biggest international companies in ERP software – Sage – LG4 never stops pushing its limits and is always establishing relationships with our partners to offer intelligent solutions.

At LG4, our approach with our employees and customers is always in a spirit of cooperation. Teamwork, knowledge sharing, and mutual support are extremely important in maintaining professional and constructive relationships for everyone.
Whether through our products or services, LG4 is committed to offering the best. As our NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 90 shows – this score being among the highest in the industry – we make sure to maintain impeccable customer service and always be up to date with technology so we can offer the best IT solutions. Through training or trade shows, LG4 focuses on developing each employee’s knowledge so that they can improve in a constantly changing environment. 
Since LG4 is an SME, every team member is a necessary link in the chain that leads to our success. This is why we emphasize employee development so they can acquire knowledge in many areas to function well by themselves in different positions.




Positions available


HOW do I apply?

For any application to be considered, you must send your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.