Growth in a competitive marketplace



The distribution marketplace is in full growth with the arrival of large retail chains and e-commerce. With all these major players and a rather conservative market, competition is fierce. This means today’s companies have to adopt business strategies that will allow them to maximize their profitability by exercising strict control over costs, inventory management, purchasing, or even customer service in order to remain competitive in their line of business.






A solution that meets your expectations


Integration of new technologies, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are indispensable tools for distribution companies that want to minimize their costs and streamline operational processes. Specifically, here is what a system specializing in distribution will allow you:



  • Tracking customer and vendor orders
  • Tracking deliveries and reception
  • Inventory
  • Warehouse and barcode management
  • Payroll and commission management
  • Advanced customer account management (national accounts, multiple delivery addresses)
  • Advanced user authorization checking
  • Producing advanced reports (by territory, product, customer, etc.)


Did you know…?

Business that have integrated an ERP system have experienced the following improvements:

  • ↑ 52% in inventory turnovers
  • ↑ 22% in efficient deliveries
  • ↓ 13% in operation costs
  • ↑ 19% in net profits

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Choose the right system



Choosing the right accounting or enterprise resource system (ERP) is critical in setting up your business processes since it directly impacts the quality of the information you will gather as well as your work methods. Implementing such a system in your company will enable you to simplify and optimize your operational processes. This, in turn, allows you to concentrate on your business activities.