Manage your growth


CroissanceSound management of your business’s finances is a major issue in your organization’s growth. It should be constantly measured and controlled in order to guarantee your success. Whether you are a startup or are already established and in growth mode, you must have an efficient system that will allow you to do more than just track your accounts receivables and payables. At the center of your activities, accounting solutions and ERP are your daily tools for managing your growth.





A system custom designed for you


Solutions are easily adapted to the type, size, and activities of your business. With the numerous functions these solutions provide, you will be able to:

  • Track receivables and payables
  • Manage
    • Cash flow (deposits, bank reconciliations, recurrence, etc.)
    • Budget
    • Inventory
    • Projects
  • Create advanced reports (actual vs. budget, account statements, etc.)




Choose the right system



Choosing the right accounting or enterprise resource system (ERP) is critical in setting up your business processes since it directly impacts the quality of the information you will gather as well as your work methods. Implementing such a system in your company will enable you to simplify and optimize your operational processes. This, in turn, allows you to concentrate on your business activities.