This business intelligence tool is designed to help businesses create dynamic customized reports from many databases. All reports from SAP Crystal Reports can be viewed on many screens (computer, tablet, smart phone).

SAP Crystal Report allows you to produce your performance reports easily in order to obtain in-depth information. This tool connects several databases to gather the greatest amount of business information possible in the form of dynamic reposts. Here are some of the database types with which SAP Crystal Report is compatible: Native, ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC, OLAP, Web services, XML, Enterprise Data Sources and

In addition, SAP Crystal Reports is optimized for exporting in Excel format (.xlsx) and is compatible with Microsoft Windows.




Flexible and dynamic design



SAP Crystal Reports allows you to make powerful, dynamic custom reports with an attractive design. With its intuitive interface, it is now easy to create reports customized entirely according to your needs and in conformance with your business cycle. Since these reports collect data from many databases, they will constantly change in order to remain up to date. All these reports can be produced in at least ten formats and in 24 different languages.






Information sharing



SAP Crystal Reports allows extreme flexibility in the way reports are sent to members of your organization. Besides being able to select the recipients of your reports, you can also choose among other options, such as the language and the file format.







Be mobile



All reports generated by SAP Crystal Reports can be consulted from mobile devices (tablet, smartphone). It is very useful for today’s businesses, whose personnel must constantly be away from the office, such as sales representatives.