LG4 offers consulting services for implementing IT Cloud solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. No matter what software solution you’re looking for, our team of certified consultants can help you in your quest for a perfect solution for your needs, implementing the solution, and supporting you in your daily use of the IT solution. Whether we are putting in place ERP, accounting, or business intelligence software, our approach is based on a vision of performance that effectively meets customer expectations.



Having completed more than 800 projects, our certified consultants use a proven methodical approach to analyze and configure your IT solution as well as maximizing your investment over the long term.
With the help of our experts in application development, our cloud solutions can be customized in many ways. Whether by adding existing third-party applications or designing custom-made ones, anything can be done to meet your needs.
Integrating your business processes and visualization of data in the form of exhaustive reports are just two examples of ways to gain a better view of what is really happening in your business. All our IT solutions can be integrated into your current management tools and make them more effective and efficient.


Whether you opt for SaaS or prefer private Cloud hosting, our solutions are flexible and mobile, allowing secure access at all times to your data anywhere on the planet.
By means of individual or group training sessions, we make sure that all customers have the knowledge necessary for you to take maximum advantage of your system.
Technical Support
We accompany our customers in their daily use of their new IT solution with our team of certified consultants. We offer on-site or remote support according to your specific needs.


Our agile approach


Our team of certified consultants does much more than simply install your software. Your ERP software becomes a true management tool for your business and all your operations. Our process consists of six steps to ensure a smooth progression of the implementation in such a way everything necessary happens the way it should to make your system work. This agile approach allows segmenting each project into several deliverables so that you will rapidly experience the benefits of our actions. It allows your team to smoothly assimilate the new practices without upsetting everything. You also get to spread your investment costs over several phases. Specifically, this approach results in a clear process divided into six distinct points, which allows us to guarantee you a successful implementation within each business unit.




1. Strategic analysis
This is the beginning point for all implementation projects. Our first meeting allows us to know you and your needs down to the smallest details in order to put together an accurate overall picture of the situation. Following this first meeting, our consulting team will be able to build an implementation strategy that will meet your needs.
2. Development
The configuration of the ERP, accounting, or BI system is an important part in the process of implementing a new Cloud solution. It is in this phase that our team of certified consultants builds and set the proper parameters to all the features that will best satisfy your needs.
3. Validation
Before putting into place the IT solution, our team sees to it that the system is operational and that it meets your expectations. Using our in-house tools, we perform a series of tests on your software, and we correct any elements that don’t meet our quality standards.
4. Implementation
Once the tests have been performed, we can roll out the solution and implement it on a larger scale.
5. Using the system
Our team of experts is there to help and support users in their daily use of the new solution, whether through continuous training or our technical support service.
6. Optimization
Our team of experts ensures that the Cloud solution put in place best meets your needs. Knowing that your needs change over time, the solution will change along with you and will shift to meet your new expectations.