Manage your growing business with Sage 50 Accounting (formerly known as Simply Accounting or Peachtree Accounting in the United States). Prepare and track payments, invoices, federal and provincial taxes.


  • Tracking sales, costs, and taxes
  • Controlling cash flow
  • Project-based management, inventory and multi-currency control
  • Accounting by department
  • Business consolidation
  • Up to 40 simultaneous users
  • Bilingual interface (French and English)
  • Available in Private Cloud (Exclusivity LG4)


Equipped with a permanent audit trail, Sage 50 Accounting also allows you to see to it that your finances always conform to approved accounting standards. You will have a key business asset which simplifies your business transactions, saving you both time and money.



Versatile and flexible


Sage 50 Accounting has this marvelous quality of being able to adapt to a wide range of businesses – from one-person operations to medium-sized businesses with more than 100 employees. You can customize certain elements so that this system will meet the vast majority of your business needs. To know how Sage 50 Accounting can satisfy your needs, contact a member of our team. Several versions are available according to your requirements.

  • Sage 50 First Step
  • Sage 50 Pro
  • Sage 50 Premium (2 or 4 users)
  • Sage 50 Quantum (5 users and more)

The Payroll module is also available for all versions except First Step.






More than just an accounting program


Sage 50 no1
Much more than just an accounting program! Look at all that Sage 50 Accounting can do for your business:


  • Cheques and forms
  • Direct EFT
  • Direct Payments
  • Retirement Savings Plan
  • Business Intelligence (learn more)




Sage 50 Cloud


Sage300-ERP-CloudSage 50 is now available in Cloud. Host your Sage 50 program and your other work applications and create your own virtual desktop to have access to it at all times from either a PC or Mac computer. This solution is secure, simple, flexible, mobile, and affordable.


Sage 50 Mac


To know more about our Cloud service.




Sage 50 Automatic backup


Unique at LG4, our automatic backup service allows users to securely back up their Sage 50 databases, which keeps you from losing your accounting data. You no longer have the hassle of doing manual backups. With our tool, backups are performed as often as you choose (daily, weekly). Snapshots are taken that will allow you to return to an earlier point in case of computer breakdown, virus, or any other element that can interfere with your accounting system. This simple and effective solution will ensure that you never lose your financial data, which is at the very heart of your business.


Backup Sage 50
  • Specifically made for saving accounting data. No manual operations needed on the part of the customer
  • Backups made according to your needs (daily, weekly) with history of backups
  • Active service 24/7
  • Backups saved in Quebec on commercial servers at two places to reduce risks caused by natural disasters
  • Backup data away from the office (protection against theft)


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Sage 50
Sage 50