A powerful and affordable tool

Analyzing your business has never been as simple as it is with this SAP tool developed for SMEs that want to create customized reports with simple and informative charts. This new BI tool will allow you to rapidly analyze a large volume of data coming from different databases and therefore increase your overall efficiency.




Find answers easily


SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira is a business tool which allows for the connection of different databases so you can cross-check information in real time to present it in various tables and graphics. Due to gathering of all this information in one place, you can analyze elements you never would have thought possible and reach some very interesting conclusions.





User-friendly interface


SAP Lumira 2

The SAP Lumira interface is easy to use and does not require extensive computing knowledge to set up advanced reports. You can easily position the tables and charts with the drag-and-drop tool.







Information sharing


SAP Lumira 3

It is now possible to share information from reports with your team, thanks to SAP Lumira. You can configure each of your reports and automate broadcasts to the specific team members you wish so that they can act on the information you provide them.







An affordable BI solution


SAP Lumira is designed specifically for SMEs that would like to use business intelligence without committing too many resources to obtain it. This solution is not only very simple to put in place (doesn’t require advanced computing knowledge), but it is also affordable. Knowing that SMEs don’t always have the financial resources necessary to put into place a BI system costing many thousands of dollars, SAP Lumira is an affordable alternative.

License price: $1495.00